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Our usual procedure of heating, lifting and slicing doesn't go exactly to plan today: the adhesive refuses to budge under our suction cup. But the gap between the rear glass and the midframe is just wide enough for our iMac Opening Wheel to slice into.

There were no hidden cables to accidentally slice when opening the Mate 30 Pro, and since the 40 Pro also sports an under-display fingerprint reader, we expect no booby traps here. Reader, we were wrong.

A small flex cable next to the power button sadly made the, uh... cut.

Apart from that slightly disappointing setback, our entry is successful! Inside we see the thick adhesive strips that gave us a hard time, and the four unblinking eyes in the Space Ring. Most of our view at this point is blocked by shields and the wireless charging coil.

Not to play favorites, but we must admit this first look is less tidy than the clean new iPhone lineup.

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