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We can now pull a few square camera modules from their home in the round Space Ring.

Here are the Mate 40 Pro cameras laid bare:

50 MP, ƒ/1.9 wide camera (23 mm) with a 1/1.28" RYYB pattern Sony IMX700Y sensor (1.22 µm pixel size)

By comparison, the new wide sensor in the iPhone 12 Pro Max touts a 1.7µm individual pixel size, albeit at lower res.

Generally speaking, larger camera sensor pixels can absorb more light and capture sharper images in low-light scenarios. Pixel size doesn't always directly correlate to better images though, especially with modern computational photography tricks.

12 MP, ƒ/3.4, telephoto camera (125 mm) with 5x optical zoom and OIS featuring an RYYB pattern Sony IMX351Y sensor

20 MP, ƒ/1.8, ultrawide camera (18 mm), featuring an RGB pattern Sony IMX718 sensor

One final note on cameras—the periscope zoom got its own housing this year, which means it can now be replaced on its own. Yay modularity!

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