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For our last trick, we'll attempt to remove this 88° curved 6.76" screen.

Unlike Apple’s latest series of smartphones, Huawei didn't choose between 5G and a high refresh rate display—the Mate 40 Pro gets both! Making things even smoother, the display has a 240 Hz touch sampling rate.

First, we treat the screen with copious amounts of heat. After several minutes of hard work, we manage to press our iMac Opening Wheel under the screen … only to watch the glass immediately shatter.

Our hunch is that Huawei may be using a stronger new adhesive for this Mate 40 Pro display. Even after more heat, the screen refuses to yield—no matter which tool we use, or what angle we attack.

We knew going into this that curved displays were a nightmare to remove, but even we were not prepared for how terrible this one would be. No thanks, Mate.

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