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After the display debacle, our journey with the Mate 40 Pro comes to a somber end. Just like that, its many components lie peacefully in front of us, ready for our final judgement.

Though it was eager to befriend us, the Mate 40 Pro turned out to be hiding some unpleasant secrets.

Its relative modularity and battery pull tabs are heartwarming, but booby trap cables and a disorganized design are the first drops of rain on the parade. The downpour starts when you get to the display though. No critical component should be that difficult to replace.

It was nice to see Huawei make the call to return to the original stereo speaker setup: the new/old earpiece speaker is a modular part that greatly simplifies replacements.

Let's find out just how friendly this Mate will be to its future owners! Keep scrolling to see our repairability score.

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