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The 2.39 Wh battery lives next to the driver on the backside. Long wires connect to a control board—but the connection is soldered.

Mixed news: The headband has screws for removal, but doesn't fully detach without desoldering. Better news: the 2.5 mm aux jack is modular, held down with screws.

Bad news: the microphones are embalmed in glue. Other bad news: the USB-C control board is modular, but held down with plastic rivets for some reason?

To sum it all up:

Ear cushions, drivers, 2.5 mm aux jack, and buttons are accessible and replaceable.

The battery is easily accessible, but gluey—and its connection to the circuit board in the left ear cup is soldered.

Lots o' hot glue prevents microphones and some peripheral circuitry from being removed; the USB-C port is held down with single-use fasteners; the headband is a little confusing to disconnect and can't be fully removed without (extensive) soldering.

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