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The new power supply (plus integrated ethernet jack) may live on the outside now, but it won’t escape our tools! We had to bust out the heavy duty stuff but it’s worth it.

Repairability benefits: If the iMac's power supply dies, you can easily replace it. Plus, the lack of large exposed capacitors inside the iMac itself (like we've seen in previous generations) means you'll have a safer time poking around in there.

On the other hand, no more capacitor swaps—you’re not getting inside this thing without destroying it.

The innards look similar to a standard Apple MacBook power supply, albeit with a network cable passing through.

The tiny ethernet board is likely strengthening and piping the internets through the black wire bunch.

Red wires feed power into the not-Magsafe magnetic umbilical cord.

The power supply can pump out a healthy 143 watts, but in our testing, the iMac only draws about 60 watts at most. That's a lot of extra headroom for power-hungry USB-C peripherals.

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