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Good thing we've been practicing opening and closing our 12 Pro for weeks! The 13 Pro thankfully inherits one of our favorite smartphone opening procedures. The display comes off first, like opening a book. A ... slightly sticky book.

Inside, we immediately spot some surprises—and some handsome labeling! It's almost like they were expecting us.

But we thought this phone wasn't supposed to be opened?

For starters, the digitizer and display cables seem to have joined forces. The upper sensor cable is off on its own near the top (and is scary thin and way too short).

The Taptic Engine appears smaller than the 12 Pro's shaker, but it's actually bulked up, clocking in at 6.3 grams and 869.4 mm³, versus the 12 Pro's 4.8 grams and 764.27 mm³.

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