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We bust out the loudspeaker and Taptic Engine to get at the battery, thanks to the Moray driver kit!

The clean, minimalist printing mimics the clean, minimalist removal procedure. We can't praise stretch-release adhesive more highly, though we'd love easier access to the tabs...

This beefy L caps out at an expected 11.97 Wh compared to the 10.78 Wh obelisk found in the iPhone 12 Pro (and non-Pro), but loses out to the standard's 12.54 Wh rectangular cell.

The fancy new Pro screens let them sip battery, leading to better battery life.

None of these three hold a candle to the 17.8 Wh behemoth in the Xiaomi Mi 11, not to mention Samsung...

We can finally let out the breath we've been holding: after some rumors that battery swaps wouldn't be possible this year, we're happy to report that our early battery swap tests were all successful!

Apple hasn't given up its scare tactics, so you'll still get a warning notification. Be brave and keep fixing!

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