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Up top we find the relocated earpiece speaker, complete with a cute little snoot. That snoot lives between the front-facing camera and Face ID hardware, and connects to a channel that directs sound out the top of the display.

While we love simple spring contacts, one of this speaker's standoff screws is trapped under the logic board, meaning you'll have to remove the board to swap the speaker! These layers are quite the repair ogre …

With its cables running underneath said earpiece speaker (which, again, is underneath the logic board) the front-facing camera hardware—enabler of the new, shrunken Notch™—is not exactly a piece of cake to access. But, at last, we have arrived!

After pulling out all the big-name bits, we spy something with its very own cut-out in the case metal. Our guess is that it's an Ultra Wideband antenna. Say hi, Find My!

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