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The top of both boards. You can see the Wolfson chip to the left of the flash. This is interesting because the iPod Classic had a Cirrus audio chip, which has caused some initial concerns about audio quality. The iPod touch should not suffer from these problems. The chip is the same as that in the iPhone, WM8758BG.

The Toshiba flash has part # TH58NVG5D4CTG20. Since we have an 8 GB iPod, each of those stacks has 32 Gb (4 GB) of memory.

The Apple-branded ARM has chip markings 339S0029ARM 8900B 0731 NOKCYY2, while the on-stack memory has markings K4X1GA53PE-XGC3 YME097N6 731. The K4 indicates this is Samsung memory, so the chip is probably Samsung manufactured just like the iPhone.

Here's a comparison of Touch and iPhone processor markings. Touch: 339S0029ARM 8900B iPhone: 339S0030ARM 8900B (very similar) Touch: 0731 (manufactured week 31 of 2007) iPhone: 0719 (week 19 of 2007). Touch: NOKCYY2 iPhone: NOD4BZ02. The last number is probably a lot id, which explains why they are so different. What does this mean? The iPod Touch and iPhone processors are very, very similar.

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