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Real quick though, let's take a peek at the UL-certified charger. After all, house fires from charging hoverboards have been reported...

To be honest, it looks pretty messy, but we don't like to judge a charger by its... random epoxy? So we consulted charger guru Ken Shiriff of, who said:

"Looks like a straightforward flyback switching power supply. I don’t see any cause for complaints...The charger looks solid. I don’t see any corners cut. The design is ‘unchallenging’—they didn’t try to make it as small as possible; Apple probably would have made it half the size."

So hey, as long as you have a real Swagway, with a real UL-certified charger, you should be fine? Probably.

Board-wise, we note:

A Leadtrend LD7575 green-mode PWM controller

Jaw-like etches that are PCB spark gaps, which protect circuitry from voltage surges

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