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David R
Process Technician
Small Volume Parenterals
Jubilant HS
Spokane, WA

B.S. Electrical Engineering, in progress
Eastern Washington University
Cheney, Washington

My major is Electrical Engineering and I am currently working toward completion of my EE specific coursework. My focus is in the power industry as it relates to my future after I have completed my undergraduate degree. I have been in attendance at EWU since January 2014, where I transferred after completing most of my GECCARs at SCC, SFCC and Gonzaga. I plan to graduate from EWU in Spring 2017. A skill I have to contribute to the group project is professional writing of Standard Operating Procedure. I am also experienced in DIY repair and installation with respect to homeownership in 110/220V electrical wiring and subpanel installation; HVAC installation and retrofitting; plumbing PVC, ABS, copper and PEX; framing; drywall. My DIY experience will benefit my class project by influencing the way I think about solutions.