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I started out as a silent part of the iFixit community in 2015 as a part of the Shipping Crew. That kept me plenty busy, to say the least. This past June, I started traveling, and eventually landed here in Stuttgart, Germany, where our EU HQ happens to be. Back in October, I tried out a polyphasic sleep cycle and found that despite having more time, I eventually wasted most of it like I would in a normal day. I'm back to normal human hours for now. August through December I was finding my way around the Bureaucracy, which involves extraordinary amounts of waiting, so I found all sorts of meaningful ways to fill my time. Some of it was reading, which I used to procrastinate on for months. Some of it was writing. Some of it was going to events and discussions around the city. And some of it involved research, as you've seen around Answers.

Other hobbies have included the Aerial Arts(that's me in the long pants), choir (10 years), harp, improv theater, and editing (writing and film). I've since toned down my proofreading instinct to reasonable levels, but I still believe in the logic of word order and that some sentences just want to be structured a certain way, with certain words in them. I was on a bylaws committee once. That's carefully crafted jargon, a set of game rules and guidelines meant for human interpretation. Don't get me started on it, we'll be here all night. But sometimes my foreign languages get in the way of my English.

I've had a passion for languages ever since I was a small child, and picked out a dual immersion elementary school for myself (yes, at 4 years old), where I learned Spanish. After high school, I went on foreign exchange to Germany and learned German, among other things. I chase every language I can get my hands on, ponder where certain words and expressions come from. I almost studied linguistics, but what's the point of making it into a job?

Things that have and will continue to shape how I see the world include cats, movies, travel, asking all the questions, YouTube (more movies), music, books, learning what makes things tick, and having way too many interests to keep track of.

In March, I started a course of studies that's somewhere between architecture and engineering, with a forte in environmental friendliness. I'm not sure how I feel about the idea of a sit-down office job, but my path is still being carved and I'm not worrying about that now. I have a feeling I'll end up doing something that doesn't have an official name yet, but only time will tell. I have a lot of friends to make and exploring to do, but it'll happen as it does. In the meantime, it's nice to finally meet all of you. :)

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