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Marketing Ops + Creative Manager

I started at iFixit in 2015 in the EDU department and mastered the way of guide creation. Then I moved into Outreach and Video as the host of our YouTube channel. I left hosting to help grow our Marketing and Design team. Now I manage all our marketing campaigns and deploy an army of creative magicians to bring the brand and fixer lifestyle to the world.


Mathematics BS Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Class of 2015

SO MANY Associates degrees. I loved my experience at community college.

Past Life: Prior to working at iFixit I worked in public schools as a teaching assistant for Math and Physics. I was the president of the Student California Teacher’s Association at Cal Poly and advocated for teacher’s rights along side the union. All part of what mades me a good advocate for #RightToRepair.

Past Past Life: Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician Wal-Mart


My First Big Fix : 1965 Mustang overhaul with my Dad

My First Home Repair: Replacing kitchen sink faucet.

My First Repair Series: Gadget Guts!

Favorite Fixes

I’m most proud of my camera repair guides, there were so many hidden screws!

My favorite guide I didn’t make:

I also save the world from textile waste by mending and reselling clothes on DePop and Poshmark. @reworkdenim

Favorite Part of My Job

Sponsoring awesome creators on YouTube! If you’ve got a channel with over 100K subscribers and you get at least 10K views per video within the first week of publish. Email me for product review and sponsorship opportunities.

Where Else to Find Me

Instagram @thekelsea weber and @reworkdenim

Twitter @thekelseaweber

What makes me smile?

Plants and Cats

"You might belong in Hufflepuff. Where they are just and loyal. Those patient Hufflepuffs are true, And unafraid of toil." —The Sorting Hat

Hufflepuffs also fair well in Herbology! My garden has produced over 25 types of veggies and herbs. I have over 100 indoor plants and one talkative cat named Walker. When I get a break between meetings, I take a walk with my cat through my garden and water my plants.


My mother was an amazing vocal coach and got me involved with theater, music, and dance starting when I was two. If you're eavesdropping on my convos in the office you'll probably hear me talking about what concert I'm going to next.

My favorite band: Glass Animals

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I was never one for team sports, but during the pandemic I picked up golf and skiing!

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