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I am a 14 year Navy Veteran where I worked as an aircraft mechanic. My interest with fixing things started when I was 10 with tearing down lawn mower engines and rebuilding them. My dad saw an opportunity and I was the local lawn mower prodigy lol! While working on aircraft I found a love for electronics and began repairing aircraft electrical and radar systems. That experience gave me the basic knowledge of troubleshooting and changing out hardware. For most of my life I have been a hardware and troubleshooting guy. Within the last year I had neck surgery and began repairing iPhones and iPads for resale on Ebay. I opened an Ebay store and started doing iPhone screen repairs on site with my customers. I offer screen repair at the location of the customers choice, I can go to there work or I have my truck set up as a mobile repair station as well. Luckily my truck has a household 3 prong plug so I can properly ground my ESD mat and wrist band. As far as I know I am one of the only technicians to offer on site repairs in the New Orleans area. I plan on posting questions and answering any questions I can. I just started making board repairs so having this community is awesome!


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