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My name is Gordon Smith and I am currently a Junior at EWU studying Visual Communication Design, Web Development, and UX Design. I received my AA from SFCC while studying Psychology and Education. I studied Early Childhood Education at EWU for one quarter before making the decision to switch my major to VCD. This is my 3rd quarter at EWU and I plan to graduate in Spring 2018.

I have a fair amount of experience with DIY projects both large and small. I worked and managed at Home Depot for nearly a decade, this allowed me to learn a lot about DIY on a larger scale. I would run how-to clinics in which I would teach others on how to do various tasks from staining their deck to replacing shingles on their roof. On top of that I have also built, and upgraded, my own computer, as well as made small modifications to other electronics I have owned over the years.

I have some experience with using guides to fix and modify electronics such as those offered on 'ifixit.' I also have a decent amount of experience in writing, not only writing countless essays for school like most college students have, but also writing articles for a handful of entertainment websites.