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I am a second year electronics major, with a focus on circuitry and computational equipment, at Eastern Washington University (EWU), and my planned graduation year is 2020.

I have been around computers and other electrical equipment for most of my life as my mother owned and ran a small computer consolation company. During my teenage years, I used the skills I had developed to repair the electronic devices owned by my friends, family, and sometimes the friends of friends.

I previously taught an Intro to Robotics class at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa from 2015 to 2016. Which was aimed at giving incoming Freshmen a peek into the field of robotics to aid in choosing their field of study. Another goal of this class was to give the students the skills necessary to compete in the annual “Africa Bot” competition.

My other technological contributions and projects include: installing and maintaining several solar lighting systems in rural Africa, and installing a solar borehole system in Zambia. Currently, I work as a freelance computer repairman to help pay for college.