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I am an Eastern Washington University student, studying a Visual Communications and Design major with a Mechanical Engineering and Technology minor. I was previously studying to become a Mechanical Engineer, however, I found my passion was in design along the way. Because of this, I have been at Eastern Washington University for three years, and my goal is to graduate in spring of 2019.

What I excel in is my creativity and curiosity. When beginning a problem or project, it is hard for me to put down unless I have figured out a solid solution. I am also exceedingly good at approaching problems with creativity, and bringing a different new perspective to light. I enjoy thinking outside of the box, making it easy for me to find innovative solutions.

I do not have any professional experience when it comes to repair, but I do, however, have many hobbies that include this. I enjoy welding, carpentry, and tinkering with computers, calculators, cell phones, and radios. I was always curious to see how things were built and how to properly assemble different types of equipment. I believe that with this strong sense of curiosity and creativity, I can bring forth many beneficial perspectives to any given project.