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Hi, my name is Ely Tilley, I am an aspiring Animator who is currently finishing up my major in Visual Communications Design with a minor in 3D Modeling and Animation. I received my AA at Centralia Community College and didn’t really know what I wanted to do, but whatever it was going to be, I wanted to learn it at Eastern Washington University. On my second quarter at Eastern, I took my first 3D class and immediately knew that Animation was what I wanted to pursue. I’ve been studying at Eastern for almost three years and will finish my classes at the end of Fall 2017. I like to think I’m a thought out, logical human being. I like puzzles and I like fixing things, qualities that I attribute to all of my childhood years I spent playing with Legos. I’ve tried/have fixing broken equipment before, a 64” TV or a dishwasher rack to name a few, but this was a long time ago, long before I found out about ifixit. On top of my initial childhood of tinkering with Legos and such, thanks to my father (who is a cabinet maker) I also have a good grasp on how to treat and use tools and therefor detest the misuse of tools (If I see you using a knife on a granite counter top instead of a cutting board we will have problems).