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Thank you for checking out my little corner of the internet here on iFixit!

Three things you should know: ✨ I create things / I explore things / + I love love ✨

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// Create

I like raw + real photos, especially in black and white. I also love writing letters—literal letters—that make up words, also known as: handlettering or calligraphy!

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// Explore

If I am not at home or at work, I am most likely either at home listening to an LP or driving somewhere + exploring, learning. I love spontaneous trips: near or far. One of my favorite adventures was exploring this abandoned church in Gary, Indiana [not the safest place in America, but definitely worth it! / also pictured on the right]

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What we are living is the true-life version of a "choose your own adventure" book—and we are given the privilege + responsibility of forging our own way. Sylvia Plath speaks of choosing our destiny like plucking figs from a tree—endless in options and opportunity, waiting, and ready for the taking—weighted with the knowledge that choosing one fig may mean losing the rest. It's a dilemma that can be both tantalizing, arduous, paralyzing, but there is some mourning and some reveling either way.

// Love

I love tea, reading, getting tattoos, taking photos, gaming, watching foreign films, long walks [just not on the beach, I hate sand], groups no larger than four [including myself], traveling, a good hearty laugh, movies, animals + living my life moment by moment.


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