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I'm training to become an A&P, and I like taking things apart to see how they work.

I prefer Windows as a operating system, but I prefer MacBooks as they look pretty (Can you blame me?) Older Dell laptops are my favorite to work on, especially the C2D latitudes (D series; E series)

I'm currently running 3 different laptops and a main PC I built myself. An Acer Aspire r11 (More of a mobile desktop, I'm having issues with it) a 2006 Macbook Pro, and a 2008 PolyCarb Macbook

In my free time I enjoy answering questions in the answers forums here, watching cars go by and trying to identify them (I may or may not be a Mazda fanboy), and going through the guides here to either take something apart or just to read them.

Have a nice day!


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