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I am a Visual Communication Design major from Spokane, Washington studying at Eastern Washington University, where I have been since I began Running Start in 2014. Originally I was a Computer Science major with a minor in 3D modelling and animation, but after months of programming, I decided that I was more suited for the creative freedom given by Visual Communication Design. I will be graduating with a BA in VCD plus a UX certificate at the end of Winter Quarter in 2020. I am skilled in writing, a talent I have had and honed since grade school, and graphic design, though I am still relatively new to this field. Which will be valuable as co-Repair Guide expert. While the majority of my repair history is software based, I have an extensive understanding of how to safely disassemble and reassemble many kinds of devices. Through my family and home life, I have had access to multiple devices that needed repair, such as mobile phones, PCs, VCR players, DVD players, and video game controllers. As a result, I understand the tools required and how to use them, and intuitively know in what order to do the steps required to replace or repair components.