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Owen Preece is an early start engineer. Since the age of 12 He has been 3D designing on multiple platforms including simple ones and complex programs. He attends an engineering academy in high school at the age of 14 and thoroughly enjoys working with their materials. Mr. Preece owns a 3D printer thanks to his older brother, and knows most of what he knows today because of him also. Though his brother is more prone to mechanical excellence, he has always found himself subject to the movement of coding and artificial intelligence and is working on a project to recreate a Siri-like program titled "Jacks". He enjoys wiring and soldering circuits and has an extensive knowledge of circuitry and owes most of that acquiring to his Step Dad. On his time not 3D designing or coding he works on his instrumental skills on the violin and piano. He likes to grow plants and hang out with friends every once in a while. Owen prefers to better himself and not play video games and hopes that his work ethic will take him up in the world. He has many connections in the professional field and hopes to make many more.