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Hi, I'm Austin and I work in iFixit's EDU department.

I grew up in San Diego and went to school in Santa Cruz to study physics and later, theater. I've spent the past few years tutoring and teaching everything from fluid dynamics to pataphysical theater to pottery and I love finding the connecting threads between subjects.

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Going to college in Santa Cruz awakened in me a love for all things bicycle. Pictured is the bike I’ve built from the frame up, replacing each part over the 6 year span I’ve owned it. Bicycles have been the subject of most of my tinkering. Past projects include a Specialized Epic Carbon Pro (think 90’s carbon road bike) restoration, a rusty old Peugeot I turned into a grocery getter with a way-too-large basket, and a Bridgestone XO-4.

I try to keep my free time as diverse as my studies, and can be found biking, hiking, climbing, or just digging into the latest dramatic television series. I've also become a bit of a chef in recent years (fueled by my insatiable appetite) and can cook up a mean pizza or stir-fry.

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