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I am a current sophomore of Embry-Riddle University, and am pursuing an Aerospace Engineering major. I would like to work on designing rockets and spacecraft for major aerospace agencies such as SpaceX, NASA, or Blue Origin.

I have experience with design and construction of air frames for both model rockets and aircraft, as well as certification for high powered rocketry from NAR.

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I also have experience in a metal and wood workshop, with one of my workshop projects being a bridge that I built to withstand over 800 lbs with only a couple pieces of wood. I used to have an old Dell laptop from 2007 that had a cracked motherboard, and I successfully replaced the motherboard so I could continue using it for a few more years.

I am currently a member of Embry Riddle Future Space Exploration Development Society, which is a rocketry club that competes against other schools in a yearly competition. I also am a member of both the skydiving club and the scuba diving club. In my free time between clubs and school, I like to play video games and work on building up my rocketry and firearms collection.

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This project will help me to understand how to properly go about keeping to deadlines with a company. It will also help me to understand how a repair guide should be set up, in the case that I make a product that will need some repairs eventually.

I can also sing several Frank Sinatra songs from memory and I have a VR headset. I also once held my breath underwater for 3 minutes and 48 seconds, although my swim coach was less than pleased when he noticed what I was doing.