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Since I was young, I have always loved working and tinkering on different things. My dad, a certified mechanic, taught me a ton about vehicle maintenance and repair from a young age. When I was 5 years old, he found me jacking up my power wheels Jeep to look underneath! I have always done my own work on my vehicles and have been pretty successful (most of the time!) in doing so.

When I turned 17, I got my first job at a golf course. The owner, a former professional golfer, taught me a ton about golf and the repair of golf clubs. For non-golfers, there is much more to that then you would think! I also learned a ton about business and money management leading me to work towards a degree in Business Management with an entrepreneurship minor. I am excited for this project to showcase my repair ability and hopefully help someone else trying to learn to repair something!

  • Eastern Washington University
  • General Business Management
  • Goal is to open my own business one day in the golf industry
  • Skills include mechanics, sales, people skills, golf, and money management
  • Have installed and repaired sprinkler systems and repaired vehicles, golf clubs, and specialty equipment
  • Would love to learn how to repair electronics and expand understanding of wiring
  • High School Valedictorian and Honor Society Member as well as Dean’s list in college
  • Hobbies include golf and other sports, vehicle maintenance, hiking, fishing, and jet skiing
  • This project will teach me how to communicate in a professional setting and write in a formal matter
  • I have a fascination with mechanical equipment and have owned 8 vehicles including a 34 ft Class A motorhome and a Wave Runner
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