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  • School— Eastern Washington University
  • Major— Electrical Engineering. Why? I’ve always loved physics and critical thinking when it comes to fixing things and electrical engineering resembles both aspects for me.
  • Aspirations— I want to be the best engineer I could be and help impact the world though engineering and innovations.
  • Skills— programming skills in python and hardware description language.
  • Projects/accomplishments— For senior capstone my group and I built a rail gun ( electromagnetic gun prototype) that operates at 400 volts of power.
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  • Repair experience— I repaired the spark plugs on my bike and on my car as well. I would love to replace the engine of my car in the future.
  • Hobbies— Weightlifting and plying the piano.
  • How does this project relate to you?— Working a group and learning the skill of communication with clients will benefit me in the future in my engineering career.
  • Any other fun facts you’d like to add?— Big food person. Love my steak! listen to a lot of music from different genre.