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Hello I’m Sean Hinkson studying Graphic Design at Eastern Washington University. I chose graphic design as a major because I enjoy finding solutions to problems in a creative fashion. With this degree my hopes for the future involve digital animation for advertising, short films, and games. Some other skills I’ve come to pick up along the way include music through working with a radio station as a DJ and playing instruments such as piano and drums. Through the design program I have worked on many projects that I am proud of such as designing logos for my classmates and producing a packaged product of a company that I came up with. In my spare time I like to collaborate with my brother in music projects, rock climb, skateboard round Spokane, and find exciting hikes where ever I can. I think this project will benefit me in testing my skills of finding new and creative solutions.

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This is a picture of me and my dad taking a stop on a zip-line adventure we had.


This is a project I worked on through school to redesign a cover for the book of my choosing. I chose the Lost City of Atlantis because of the graphics, characters, and color options that produced a great end product.