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Education and Aspirations

Hello! My name is Trevor and I am a 3rd year student of York University’s Information Technology program.

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My professional goal is to eventually be a systems analyst or anything else within the general I.T field. In regards to what I am good at, I like to think I am skilled in hands-on disciplines using mostly hand tools for very general work. However I am also experienced in technical skills such as coding and attempting to fix computer systems.

Projects and Repair Experience

It’s not much to brag about but some of my accomplishments are personally installing my car’s stereo, building a shed foundation for my parents’ house, and building my personal computer from parts (which is really just advanced lego). In terms of repairs I worked at an auto-shop in high-school/ took an automotive repair course in high-school so that would encompass the usual tasks such as wheel changes/rotation, wheel balancing, replacing suspension, charging/filling batteries etc. I have spent some time working at home depot in which I would learn various household repairs (drywall, bedframes etc.). And of course I am experienced in repairing computer systems, as you learn plenty while troubleshooting your own system.


When I’m not busy with school or work, I like to spend time with my dog, hang about with my friends, play video games and especially learn more about history. An interesting fact is, over the last year I have listened to over 100 hours of a Roman history podcast.

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Thank you for taking your time to learn about me!