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I attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach Florida. I chose Embry-Riddle to give myself a real challenge, to push myself to be better, and to strive to be my best self.

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I chose to major in Aerospace Engineering because I have always held a fascination with space, with the last great unknown and only true frontier left for man to explore. I just want to play a part, no matter how small, in pushing mankind towards getting off of our planet.

Skills, Projects, Experience, and Accolades

My skills tend to lie in mathematics, which is a big reason I chose to be an engineer! I wanted to play to my strengths as much as possible. I know how to program at an easy to moderate level, and I’m most familiar with MATLAB or C++ as a language. I couldn’t build a physics engine from scratch, but I could work with databases and graphing. I can draft a sketch or an object, either on paper or using CAD software (I prefer CAD; makes sure my lines are straight!). I have a lot of experience with the Microsoft Suite and with Google Docs. Similarly, I have used Slack, Clickup, and Trello.

I have worked on a few small projects throughout my college career, including creating a ball launcher, designing an airplane (with a lot of simplification), and creating a game from scratch in MATLAB. I am definitely looking forward to participating in the iFixit project, as it will let me use my experience in taking apart laptops for basic upgrades! Otherwise, I have taken classes in Information Technology, which included an in-depth look at the Microsoft Suite.

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In each of my semesters at my university, I have made the Dean’s List and have been awarded a variety of scholarships at my time here!

Groups and Hobbies

In my freshman year, I joined ERFSEDS (Embry-Riddle Future Space Explorers and Developers Society ).

In my spare time, like many others of my age, I like to play video games! I also enjoy playing Dungeons and Dragons (and other such Tabletop RPGs). My friends and I play Spikeball, Ultimate Frisbee, and other similar games. I also run a Minecraft server in my free time! It’s with a few friends and we have several dozen members. We’ve been going strong for two years now and we aren’t done yet!