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What Am I

Student at UNT majoring in computer science. Part-time employee at Kroger ClickList (the grocery pickup department—I’m very particular about that part).

My Goals and Accomplishments

I want to have a programming job doing business software. My dream project would be to overhaul the system that my current employer uses. My class won the Games4Change competition in 2016. We also made a Jeopardy! project for our high school.


I occasionally practice amateur 3D modelling with Blender. I occasionally play videogames. I drive way too fast.

The Project

The CD player project I chose is because I recieved this device as a gift in 2007 and haven’t used in about 7 years (since Spotify). It seemed like a good idea.

Fun Facts

I have played 1,100 hours of CSGO. I am glad that my current part-time job is with co-workers that are all friends and I don’t think I’ll ever have an experience quite like this at another job.