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Hi, my name is Fahad Alkaabi and I’m currently studying at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Current Studies

Software engineering, I’ve always been fascinated with the idea that software allows you to transform any idea into reality by using a computer and your knowledge, the fact that you combine coding with your own creativity to bring forward all kinds of software its fascinating and extremely useful in our present times (and the future as well!)

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Personally, I want to work in my country, the United Arab Emirates, and contribute in its growth. There are some ambitious government funded projects that have tremendous social impact that actually involve creating or redesigning software.

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I consider myself as a goal-oriented person and very practical and I really enjoy being part of creative group dynamics when teaming up with peers or other students or professionals, sharing ideas and working with others has always challenged me to push the boundaries of my adaptability for the better.


I enjoy travelling and getting to know (learn from) other cultures, I find it necessary for my personal growth and, perhaps on more philosophical terms, it also has a great impact on my perception of software engineering since after all, the goal of my trade is to have the best possible impact on other peoples lives.

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