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School- York University

Why did I choose this major- I chose this major because I have a passion for both business and technology. I'm very intrigued by how technology is constantly changing and how businesses keep up with those changes.

Aspirations- I aspire to be part of or own a company that has a goal of improving the daily lives of others, especially in developing countries.

Skills- Open minded, educated on various cultures, good listener, devoted, quick learning, focused and vocal.

Projects/accomplishments- Aiding in building a school in my home country

Repair experience- Experience in small fixes

Accolades- Various Athletic awards, various speaking awards for local Vancouver business competitions

Hobbies- drawing, reading, fitness, video games, volunteer work, history

How does this project relate to me - I relate to this project as I strongly support the goal of minimizing tech waste especially due to the exploitation of developing countries

Fun facts- I am currently trying to learn one language from each continent