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I am currently a Junior at University of South Florida Sarasota Manatee, studying Professional and Technical Communication. I Choose this major because I want to pursue a career in Organizational leadership and human resources. Communicating and being social is my strong suit. I enjoy working with people and being in social settings.

I graduated from State College of Florida with my Associates in Arts Degree in Spring of 2019. I graduated on the Deans List.

Im not a very hands on person which is what excites me about this project. I don’t have any experience building things but I am open to this learning experience. I think that this will give be the experience and confidence I need to get into fixing and building things on my own. I think its important to expand my abilities and this gives me something else to achieve.

In my spare time I like to do lifestyle photography.

Along with being a student I also am an intern at my local church. I am the Project Manager and Social Media Manager.

A special skill that I have is that I am trilingual. I speak English, Russian, and Ukrainian fluently.

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