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School: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Major: Spaceflight Operations: Operations Science and Technology Track. I choose this major due to my big interest in spaceflight and the process from start to finish that a mission goes through in order to add achieve its goals.

Aspirations: Working in the space industry, or flying floatplanes for hire.

Skills: Commercial Single Engine Land and Sea & Multiengine Land pilots certification.

Projects: Built multiple desktop PCs. Completely disassembled and Rebuilt a two stroke Honda engine.

Repair Experience: Much experience repairing computers.

Group/memberships: President of the Competitive eSports Club, President of the Firearms Enthusiasts Club. Member of the Sports Car Import Car club.

Hobbies: Flying, gaming, reading, and building scale warship models

Project Relation: I have much experience repairing computers, so repairing a mouse is something I have yet to do but is right up my all way so to speak.