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Hello Everyone! My name is Anirudh Iyengar and I am a sophomore doing Engineering Physics at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

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I am an international student from Bangalore, India. I graduated from high school in India and am now studying Engineering Physics in Daytona Beach, Florida. I am also Minoring in Applied Mathematics. I have a huge passion for learning more about the universe and how it applies to our everyday lives. I have also graduated with an IGCSE diploma in Physics and Computer Science. I love working on projects that can make life easier for people and have a positive impact on the environment too.


I love finding solutions to modern-day issues. I want to build energy systems and contribute towards finding efficient ways of making energy accessible to not only around the world but also around our near cosmic neighbourhood. Having worked on a solar project in my sophomore year in high school, I began to see how solar energy can be used in automobiles to make clean energy more widespread in use. Besides that, I also aspire to become a science communicator and spread knowledge to the best of my capacity. Being a professional tutor for Math in Embry Riddle has shown me how much a little help can go a long way. One day, I can see myself pursuing both my dreams simultaneously and pervade the science community with my newfound solutions for the energy crisis.


As mentioned earlier, I love working with solar-run projects, I pitched a solar desalination system project to the Indian Institute of Science which was later taken forth as a school project instead. Though the research did not get the funding from the Institute, it started a team in my school that I headed to make simple solutions for the water crisis in India. I also worked on a mobile phone app back in high school that helped students in India find colleges in their locales based on their requirements. I observed that there are many apps in other countries that help their youth find their path into college but there weren’t as many that helped students in India find good colleges after they graduated from high school. This helped almost ten students in our own school filter colleges based on their requirements on our trial run.

I am currently a part of two different projects on campus here in Daytona Beach. The first is the EcoCar mobility challenge sponsored by General Motors that lets students remodel a Chevrolet car and compete against other colleges of the same league to see who can make the most efficient model based on the requirements previously set by the association. The other project I am a part of is the Lunar Lander project headed by the American Association of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The project is a proposal made by a student-led team to design a blueprint for a hub—to-peer styled lander system for the next Lunar mission to send humans to the moon. The proposal is put up against other universities to see which university comes up with the best plan and the winner gets funded by NASA to do research on their ideas.


Many everyday aspects of life can be made better and easier for human access. I have worked on many other projects that have given me priceless experience. A prime example would be my internship at Volvo’s headquarters in Bangalore, India. I did my internship in the manufacturing and assembly in Volvo’s truck manufacturing branch in which I did project reports on how the assembly line works and how it can be made better. This experience made me gain a more in-depth understanding on how mass production depends on the speed of manufacturing based on orders given by clients and I could see why managing a project is just as hard as working on the project itself. Such experiences gave me a holistic perspective to the automotive industry and I really want to see where I can fit in it and do what I love, provide better solutions.


1)    Dean’s List for the College of Arts and Sciences, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (2019- present)

2)    International Merit Scholarship, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (2019- present)

3)    Valedictorian speaker for the graduating batch of 2019, Vidyashilp Academy Bangalore (2019)

4)    Meritorious performance in Physics, Maths, Chemistry and Computer Science, Vidyashilp Academy Bangalore (2019)

5)    Student of the Year, Vidyashilp Academy Bangalore (2019).


In my spare time, I like to make music. I write songs and put them up online for the world to listen. I also do shows on live radio and am a member of the WIKD 102.5 FM radio station where I perform music on live radio and am currently working on getting my own show during the weekend. I also go scuba diving and am open water certified diver. I am a part of the Dive club at my university and I go on various dives in and around Florida. I also like to play cricket and play pool in my free time.

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Thank you for reading my profile.