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Hello, my name is Wonseok Na. I’m a sophomore at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach campus.

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I graduated high school in Korea, and I went to Korea University. I studied Sports management in there, but I dropped university to study aviation to become a pilot. Then I came to Embry riddle. Study about Aeronautical science is quite hard, but I enjoy studying this major.

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I want to become a pilot; I know the pilot needs to have responsibility and can sacrifice to others and know how to cooperate with others. I will learn all of these going through the Ifixit project.


I don’t have many experiences to fix something but after I came to the United States, I assemble every furniture that I have got, also if something has a problem then I fixed it by myself.


I love football. In here people called it soccer. I was living in the UK to study football. I love to watch football and play football as well. I learned teamwork and sacrification while I was playing football, and it makes me a more sociable person.


I am in a Korean student association in Embry Riddle. Members of this group help me a lot when I came to the US, and I also try to help others.