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Hello, my name’s Jason Pagendarm. I’m a Second Year at Cal Poly SLO and I’m currently studying Manufacturing Engineering. I’d like to graduate from Cal Poly with a Bachelor’s in Manufacturing Engineering and work as a Manufacturing Engineer. I’ve always been interested in how things were made. With this degree, I can design those processes and come up with all of the interesting ways things are manufactured.


I’m currently a part of PROVE Lab, a club on campus that designs and builds different types of vehicles. I’m working on the Gravity Racer project on the controls team. We’re responsible for the design and manufacturing of all of the moving parts on the car. This includes making 3D models on SolidWorks for all of the parts, determining how they can be manufactured, and then going into the machine shop and working on them ourselves. This project has taught me a lot about how things can be made and all of the different approaches someone can use to make something.

Repair Experience

In high school, I started building a 3D printer, but it got pushed off of a table before it was finished. A few years later I decided to pick the project back up and try to fix it, I now have it completely built and am working on getting it running smoothly. Besides that, I’ve spent a lot of time reading through online guides trying to troubleshoot issues I’ve run into and I’ve found that they’re generally hit or miss. Hopefully, the guides that I’ll be writing will help a lot of people.


PROVE Lab (2018)


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I really enjoy spending time with my friends, playing video games, cooking, and baking in my free time. I also enjoy hiking, camping, and just spending time in nature.