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I am currently attending Cal Poly SLO, studying computer science since I enjoy problem-solving with code and have previous code experience in high school. I have two main goals: one to be a software engineer at a well-established company and two to be a successful entrepreneur. Some skills I possess include being able to code in Python and experience with iOS app development. A project I have built, FridgePal, utilizes Google’ AppEngine and pulls up a list of recipes based on the user’s ingredients that are most likely to expire first. Something I would want to learn to fix would be malware-infected computers. Some awards I have won include NCWIT Aspirations in Computing and being apart of the She++ 2019 Fellow. I am currently apart of Built By Girls, SWE, NCWIT, and a Girls Who Code and Kode With Klossy Alum. In my spare time, I like to learn about malware analysis and attending hackathons with friends. This project will exponentially increase my teamwork skills and I am excited to learn more about the hardware aspects of a computer.