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Hello! My name is Xander Wallace. I’m a freshman at Cal Poly SLO.

At Cal Poly, I am majoring in Computer Science. I’ve always loved the process of solving puzzles, and computer science was a natural extension of that type of thinking. In fact, Computer Science is often called the study of algorithms!

I aspire to earn a master’s degree in computer science and have a career in software development.

I currently am on the Ultimate disk team and chess club here at Cal Poly. In high school, I competed in many USCF (US chess federation) chess tournaments, and won first place in a few of them!

After taking AP Physics: Electricity and Magnetism, I have a basic knowledge of circuits, which I hope will help me for this project. In that class, I’ve often wondered how the hardware would be physically implemented. This project will be a great opportunity for me to learn the answer to that question.