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Email: | Instagram: @cahsten | Twitter: @CarsteniFixit

Technical Writer at iFixit, technically, since March 2020.

Modern personal technology is constantly changing—and I am so stoked to be on the forefront of its investigation! I write helpful repair guides and contribute to iFixit’s online ecosystem, making the tech world a better place one word/picture/sarcastic comment at a time.

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About Me

I graduated in late 2019 from the best school in the entire world Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, with a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. During my stint there I gained an incredibly satisfyingly deep understanding of the way the world works, and how to explain it to others with thorough documentation and simplicity. I enjoyed this aspect (enter tech writing) and now I get to do it all day long!

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Senior Project!

I’ve always loved fixing my own gadgets and the casual deep-dive into problem-solving rabbit holes, so I am truly excited to have an outlet!

When I’m not working (checking Craig’s How To Unclog A Toilet guide for spelling mistakes), I love exploring the beautiful central coast, taking photos, playing board games & poker, looking at cars I can’t afford on Craigslist, watching Vince Gilligan’s TV shows, and traveling the world with my gorgeous travel partner!

Favorite Technology Things

  • Aluminum computers
  • AirDrop
  • Large trackpads
  • High pixel density displays
  • Wireless music (!)
  • Manual transmissions
  • Anything that’s not FaceID

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