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My name is Kyle Liang and I am a second year studying Civil Engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

I chose to pursue Civil Engineering since my father was a Civil Engineer and I really respect the work he does. I’ve also always been involved in many programs that tie closely to engineering like MESA. I’ve also done several internships with a local civil engineering and construction firm and the state in Sacramento. From these internships I have experience in doing estimates for jobs, entry level site drafts, and working with programs like Excel and AutoCAD.

Through my involvement in MESA, a program through middle school and high school, I worked on many different projects such as building models of bridges working with ideas of force distribution and design. My team an I were able to attend many competitions for MESA and I was able to qualify for the regional competitions four times in my MESA career, one of those times placing first place in regionals.

My experience with repair has never been too professional level but I do help my family and friends with repairing devices every once in a while. I’ve worked on building a computer scratch with my friend and I built my own road bike while doing maintenance on it too.

In college, I’m involved in many different clubs including the Chinese Students’ Association, Urban Movement Dance Team, Take out Kidz Dance Team, and Harmonics Acapella.

I have a lot of hobbies that I do in my free-time since I am the kind of person who always likes to be busy. I do urban dance choreography and I am in two dance teams that perform at my university. I also enjoy playing the guitar and ukulele since it’s always relaxing to learn a new song on guitar.

I hope to help give back to the community and push for the “Right to Repair” movement through my contributions in iFixit!

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