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Hello, my name is Sean Carstens. I am a Junior at Eastern Washington University working on my Bachelor’s Degree with Applied Technology as my Major, after attending Centralia College and earning an Associate in Applied Science for Electronics, Robotics and Automation (ERA). I plan to graduate from EWU in the Spring of 2021 and get to work on helping with designing and improving upon robotic prosthesis.

For hobbies, I have been finally able to garden for the first time in 6 years, and I am loving it. I also enjoy reading a good (or bad) sci-fi novel, mystery podcasts about weird things on Earth, and stargazing.

Previous experience I bring to Ifixit are my Associate’s Capstone project of a home-based weather satellite tracking station, which we built from scratch. I primarily handled the coding and communication aspects between the Arduino parts of the antenna and the Python and Java needed for tracking satellites. I am also pretty adept at helping with basic troubleshooting home appliances and personal electronics.