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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

Prescott, Arizona Campus


Mechanical Engineering | Propulsion Track

I choose the propulsion track of mechanical engineering because I have always been a person who loved to create and rockets have always been a passion of mine and this degree will help me follow that passion.


Following graduation, I hope to take my degree and enter the private space industry. My hope is to become a propulsion engineer at a private space firm such as SpaceX or Firefly and use the skills I learned in school to work on the rocket engine systems themselves.

Block Image

Image of Firefly Aerospace’s test cell located in Cedar Park, TX


  • Design
  • Problem Solving
  • Presentations
  • Forward Thinker
  • Eager to Learn
  • Dedicated Worker
  • Engineering
  • Product Development

Repair Experience

While I don’t have a wide range of experience repairing items I am always wanting to learn more and expand my knowledge, and iFixit is the perfect place for that since when I do need to learn how to repair a device, I know I can come here to find a thorough and well made guide to teach me.

Editing Project

Working with iFixit on their Editing Project I feel has been great for me. I am always wanting to learn more and even though I am not looking at these guides to repair the device in question, editing them still allows me to learn about the device and give me a better understanding of how things are designed. On top of that I believe that editing these guides will help me further my skills in problem solving and the development process since they allow me to see what choices companies made when designing their products and the guides.