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I have 3 years experience in the United States Air Force. I have a background in maintaining electrical systems and subsystems for the F-16 fighter jet. During my enlisted career in the USAF, I learned the principles of electricity and how to identified and isolated F-16 integrated avionics system malfunctions. I also analyzed performance by operating integrated avionic systems to determine operational condition. Along with this experience, I gained the understanding of basic and advanced wire repair procedures.

I am currently a full-time student majoring in electrical engineering at the University of Memphis. Due to the scholarship I hold through the United States Air Force, I am required to go back to active duty upon graduation.

When I return to active duty, I hope to receive a job in developmental engineering or space operations. I hope to be a part of a major project that has significant impact on advancing the human race. After my military career, I would like to start my own business or join a business that will allow me to continue the use of my expertise.


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