Ana içeriğe geç

Student at York University, studying Information Technology. I chose this major because from a young age, i was always technologically inclined. Computers, smartphones, and electronics always intrigued me. To further expand on that interest, I chose to study Information Technology with hopes to have a career in system administration. I’m very skilled when it comes to computer repairs and fixes. I’ve always poked around with my own computer, and because of that, I had to do some repairs on my own. Other skills include network setup, setting up printers, and setting up network storage devices. I’ve built a few computers on my own that I am proud of. I’ve also been on the A/V team in middle school where I set-up all the equipment and sometimes even had to troubleshoot problems. I currently am the Vice President of Operations for Hemoglobal @ YorkU, a charity club, where we aim to fundraise money to send medical care to parts of South Asia to better equip people living in those areas with information to help them live with blood related illnesses like leukemia, etc. During my spare time, I like to workout and play video games. This project relates to me because I recently had to do this repair myself, and I was not able to find a guide on how to do this smoothly, there were missing information like what I’d need to replace. I ended up winging the repair and learned how to do it myself.