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Hello! I’m Robin, an English undergrad at Northern Arizona University.

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Lurking in the grass, the bike which will surely one day kill me

I actually have something of a habit of taking things apart and putting them back together. I am constantly fixing my bike, which is always finding new ways to break itself because it is ancient. I like working with my hands in general; I’ve replaced a couple iPhone batteries (using iFixit guides!), and I always change my own oil. I’m excited to contribute to iFixit, since it has helped me at least half a dozen times already.

I’m aiming at a career as an fiction editor, although I can easily imagine taking a job as a technical writer along the way. I do enjoy treating writing as a logic puzzle—”how can I make this piece of text as unambiguous as possible, while still keeping it easy to follow?” (I’m actually minoring in both computer science and philosophy.) I expect our projects with iFixit will help develop that skill.


  • Writing/editing
  • Basic programming (Python, Java, C, some JavaScript and some AppleScript)
  • Basic audio engineering and recording
  • Clear communication and active listening

Repair experience

  • Small electronics repairs (e.g. phone batteries, video game controllers)
  • Bicycle repair/maintenance


  • Android custom software (rooting and custom ROMs)
  • Video game console homebrew and emulation
  • Bicycling
  • Playing music (piano, guitar, ukuele, and tuba!)