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My name is Kunpriya Aggarwal and I am a 2nd year student at York University. I am currently doing BA Honours in Information Technology. Prior to this, I have completed two-year diploma program called “Computer Programmer” from Seneca College.


After graduation, I would like to pursue Masters in Artificial Intelligence and explore my options.


I know multiple computer languages: Java, C++, C, PHP, AngularJS, JavaScript, MATLAB.

Link to my LinkedIn Profile.


Currently I am working as a Developer in an IT firm. I have deployed many applications for multiple clients specifically in ITSM and CSM area. One of my favourite projects was building an application to send e-cards. Application was meant to be used a common platform to appreciate your co-workers. Similar to Facebook, other employees could read the card, like and comment on each other’s post. It was a great effort to connect people and encourage them to appreciate small things at work.

Repair experience

I am a newbie when it comes to repairing any electronic gadgets. Maximum I could do is “restart” the tool and see if it does any magic. I have done other repairs like fixing lights and furniture. I am an expert when it comes to tightening screws. I feel iFixit is a great platform for a newbie like me and I wish utilize these guides in future.


  • I was in President Honor’s List in Seneca
  • I have won a Hackathon – This was actually for the eCard project that I explained above.


I have signed up for many virtual groups for writing and code learning.


  • Netflix, Amazon Prime - I love to watch crime shows. I recently finished Sherlock Homes series (highly recommended).
  • Love to play indoor and outdoor games. Badminton and Laser Tag is my favorite.
  • Love to eat but not a very good cook.
  • Love to spend time with my 2 little nieces.

How does this project relate to you?

Since I am a newbie to repairs, I hope I will utilize this platform and apply few repair guides to fix my gadgets.