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Embry–Riddle Aeronautical University


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Major - Astronomy! I’ve always loved to learn about space and the universe outside of earth and I hope to spend all my life learning and studying the world.

Ph.D. in Astronomy — My goal is to attend graduate school to continue studying astronomy and get a PhD, and go on to have a career in astronomy.


  • Multilingual - Vietnamese/English
  • Programming - Python/C
  • Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Publisher
  • Computer-Aided Design Proficiency
  • EagleCAD Board Design Proficiency
  • Pneumatic and Electrical System Proficiency
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Robot Battery Management


  • FRC Robot electrical system and CAD design

Repair experience — Phone screens, computer screens, computer, and laptop upgrades


  • Science Olympiad Washington State Competition 2016 - 3rd Place
  • ISSDC 2018, 2020 World Champions - Summer 2018, 2020
  • ISSDC 2019 World Runner-up - Summer 2019


  • EagleSAT team,
  • Society of Physics Students,
  • National Honor Society

Hobbies — Video Games, Read, Learning Guitar

How does this project relate to you? — An assignment for a class, however, I do hope to gain valuable experience in writing for technical purposes.