Ana içeriğe geç

Hey there! My name is Saba Aafreen. I am a student at York University, Toronto, Canada majoring in Information Technology.

I’ve always been interested in coding and technology so I decided I wanted to get into the IT field. Not many women are in this field but I want to change that! I want to be a successful IT professional and a role model for other women as well. I would see myself working as a web developer in the future. I love playing around with code and see what ways a website can be more efficient and appealing for users.

As much as I love coding and sitting in front of a screen all day, I would love to travel the world and try all the different foods, clothing, and experience different cultures. I also love painting and drawing. I like to express myself through art. All my surroundings inspire me to create art that can express many meanings and feelings. Since childhood, I was creative in storytelling. Through storytelling, I can write about worlds unimaginable.

I’d say I am pretty good with using tools and fixing a few things. I am a quick learner, so if I am a beginner at something, I would easily understand a procedure and do it with little hesitation. I am really interested in jewelry making so I gathered a bunch of charms, chains, clasps, and jump rings and started making jewelry. I had to use small round nose pliers and cutting pliers to make the jewelry which I learned how to use these tools. Jewelry-making has also taught me to be more accurate and helped me use my skill as a detailed-oriented person.